About // Once upon a time…

…between the deep woods, across the foggy lakes and past the castle ruins
of southwest Germany, a little boy grew up in a small timbered-house village where
there was only one bus stop and a mini ramp.
It was the time long ago, even before the Interwebs, where
our little guy liked to paint and draw to make incredible things become real,
and then he saved them as psds where there was no dropbox yet.
So they told him to make something with his passion and as he grew up,
he went out to the ancient city of Trier to study the mystics of communications design.
As time goes by it happened so that he moved across Middleearth
to live in big dangerous cities like Frankfurto, Rotterdamus and the whimsical Lundun.
It was exactly the year 2012 where he arrived in Berlin to work as
Concept Artist & Illustrator where he met freak-funk Wizards, drunken Orcs,
and White-Monkey-Kings. And even to this day hes pushing to work on his magical crafts.
It is said, that he is now working as a Freelance Artist in the fields of
Characterdesign, Game Art, Concept Art, Storyboard and Illustration.
There you have it.

In fact, if I hadn’t been there myself, I never would have believed it could happen.

I worked for


quick CV

Since Spring 2017 Freelance Artist & Indiegame Dev
Mai 2015 – Dez 2016 Game Artist at Wooga (Berlin)
Mai 2012 – Mai 2015 Junior Game Artist at Wooga (Berlin)
Jan 2012 Freelance for Kazoo Creative (London)
Jul 2011 Freelance for Tokyoplastic (London)

Expert Photoshop,Illustrator, Unity, Ableton,
Advanced Indesign, Coding C#,
Basic ZBrush, Flash, After Fx, Premiere,Maya, 3DS Max, HLSL Shader, Corel Painter,

Language Skills German native, English fluently,

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